Progress report 2016-2017


  • UQ progress in English is 79% and 85% in Maths.
  • Students make the best progress in Y7 and Y10 for English and Maths, and Y11 Maths.
  • Students make broadly the same progress in English and Maths, except in Year 11 where they do better in Maths.
  • PMLD and EAL students are making better progress in Maths than English.
  • Progress for FSM, ASD and girls/boys are broadly the same in both Maths and English.
  • Where students do not move up a whole level, progress is made within the level and can be seen in small steps through SOLAR.

 Most able KS3/KS – Functional Skills

  • Progress of students working above P Levels is tracked using FS.
  • Students complete past papers in KS3/KS4 to check teacher assessments. Qualification will be completed in KS5.
  • More able students continue to make good progress, with 1 student working at GCSE standard in English and Maths.


  • Where students enter KS5 working within National Curriculum level 1, they have been successful in gaining OCR Entry Level 1 qualifications. If they enter working within NCL2, they have achieved ELC2.
  • Maths ’analysing’ proves to be problematic for many students – they need to understand practical problem solving e.g. how to work out change from £10. If students have this skill, it is likely they will progress onto ELC2.
  • There are significant difficulties with writing, both in terms of physically, and being able to think about what to write.
  • A number of students have successfully achieved Greenvale AQA Unit Awards which break down Entry Level qualifications into smaller units.
  • This data will inform future target setting in KS5.