Students working below GV4 are on the Grove Pathway. These students have full access to the curriculum content; however they are not engaged in subject specific learning. Students typically communicate using objects of reference, vocalisations and/or gesture.


Students have full access to the national curriculum which is differentiated to meet the needs of each individual learner, and taught through the 5 areas of engagement. Students learn through different activities and experiences in all subjects areas, generally through a sensory approach. They will develop skills in the following areas: 

  •         Realisation – responding and reacting to a new stimulus or activity.
  •         Exploration –building on their initial reaction to a new stimulus or activity.
  •         Anticipation - showing prediction before a familiar stimulus or activity  
  •         Persistence – developing continued effort (may be in short bursts)
  •         Initiation - self-directed request, movement or indication
Social communication and interaction groups – mixed ability communication groups provide students weekly opportunities to interact with the peers. Activities include call and response, and the use of AAC for example switch work,
Hydrotherapy – all students with a physical difficulty have a weekly hydrotherapy session. The students work on their individual hydro programmes set by the physiotherapists helping to maintain and develop their gross and fine motor skills. Students are able to control the environment by touching the interface on the iPad independently or with support.

Physiotherapy - All students with a physical difficulty have a weekly physiotherapy session. The students work on their individual physio programmes set by the physiotherapists helping to maintain and develop their gross and fine motor skills.

In addition, all students with physical difficulties should have a change of position every day. For some students this may mean using a standing frame, or walker.

LSB sessions - the Learning Support Base provides a stimulating environment for students on Grove pathway who attend twice weekly sessions. The room is designed so that it has key areas set out to work on specific skills e.g. dark area for visual skills work, switch work, etc. The rest of the room is left as a blank canvas so that it can be a flexible working space that can be adapted for the needs of the individual student or group. The environment is designed to be as distraction free as possible, with only the relevant learning stimulus/equipment presented to the student supporting their specific learning needs. The LSB aims to provide a safe and secure working environment that is distraction free. Relevant resources and specialist equipment is provided for all students to aid them in their development. In addition the Learning Support Base works closely with the speech therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists to provide each student with the specialist support, in order to maximise their full potential.

Specialist rooms - the sensory garden is aimed to provide a stimulating and relaxing environment for the students to work in. The Life Skills room has an adaptive cooker


KS4 - ASDAN Sensory Transition Challenge

KS5 - AQA Unit Awards.

Arts Award Discover and Explore 


Each student on Grove pathway should have the opportunity throughout their time at Greenvale to experience:

  • Creative arts – for example live music, theatre
  • Community engagement – for example access a local shopping centre
  • Physical – for example cycling  
  • Weekly assembly
  • Termly whole school events

Assessment areas for recording  

  • 5 areas of engagement:
    • realisation 
    • exploration 
    • anticipation
    • persistence
    • initiation                                     
  • LSB targets                  
  • Other