Students working above GV8 are on the Woodland Pathway. These students have full access to the national curriculum and are engaged in subject specific learning. Students can make requests and ask and answer questions, communicate their feelings and understand and participate in simple discussions.



Students have full access to the national curriculum which is differentiated to meet the needs of each individual learner.


Students study all core and foundation subjects. English and Maths session occur every day, and work towards Functional Skills in KS5. Students develop a variety of skills including how to find out information and calculating change when shopping.  Foundation subjects are taught weekly.


MFL in KS3 and KS4 is taught one day per term through multi-cultural days. Music and Art are each taught for ½ term every term, with Geography and History taught in the same way.  Drama is incorporated into English Speaking and Listening. In KS5, the foundation subjects are integrated into Options, which students choose on a termly basis.


Daily tutor time and mindfulness sessions focus on functional communication and interaction with peers and staff, as well as developing confidence and resilience.


Students are taught to develop their social, emotional and mental health skills through a differentiated PSHE curriculum, daily mindfulness, and personalised activities to help students develop resilience skills and manage their own mental health and wellbeing.


Students are taught to develop their independence and self-help skills, for example making a hot drink or a snack, completing a short task independently.


Students with sensory difficulties follow a daily sensory diet which may include sensory circuits, running time etc.


Students with physical difficulties follow weekly physiotherapy and/or hydrotherapy programmes, and complete other daily activities as recommended by physiotherapists. All students with physical difficulty should have a change of positioning every day.

In KS5 students have options twice a week where they choose between 4 options. Ability PSHE groups occur weekly.

Preparation for Adulthood and Skills Towards Independence are taught in class groups. There is a strong careers programme through internal student internships and external work experience.


Advanced groups

Advanced Maths and English groups take place weekly for students working above GV8 across KS3 and KS4.

Advanced KS5 learners attend weekly Functional Skills sessions to prepare them for exams.

Advanced PE groups focus on team games and skills.

Advanced PSHE is taught in gender specific groups

Advanced computing – lunchtime group



KS3 – Arts Award Bronze and Silver

KS4 – Functional Skills and ASDAN Transition Challenge

KS5 – Functional Skills, AQA Unit Awards and ASDAN PSD, Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award


Preparation for Adulthood

Each student on the Woodland pathway should have the opportunity throughout their time at Greenvale to participate in a variety of activities and enrichment opportunities to develop their skills towards independence

Community Inclusion (including enrichment)

o   Creative arts – for example Royal Opera House opera or ballet, Shakespeare School Festival, BBC News Report

o   Community engagement – for example access a local shopping centre via public transport, Community Opera, St George’s lunch club

o   Charitable events

o   STEM - Science, technology, engineering and Maths.

o   Physical – for example offsite cycling, offsite swimming

o   Humanities – Charitable events

o   Weekly assembly and termly whole school events

o   To participate in football intervention to develop social skills and team work.  

  •         Employment

o   Student Internships and class responsibilities

  •         Independent living

o   Interventions iBase/LSB

o   Travel training

  •         Health

o   cycling, swimming

o   weekly PE or advanced PE

o   London Youth Games.  

o   Step into Dance


Assessment areas for recording 

  •         Functional Skills English
  •         Functional Skills Maths
  •         GV levels: Science, Computing, PSHE, RE, DT, PE, Music, Art, History, Geography
  •         Interventions
  •         Enrichment
  •         EHCP long and short term outcomes
  •         IEP/ILP achievement
  •         End of year reports
  •         MDT reports
  •         Other
  •         KS4 ASDAN Intro & Progression
  •         KS5

o   English, Maths, Computing, PE,

o   Interventions

o   Options

o   Duke of Edinburgh Award

o   Skills towards independence

o   Preparation for Adulthood