Our Governing Body

A Message from our Chair of Governors 

The first governors’ meeting this term was held at our wonderful new Mayow Rd site. This expansion to the school, coming into operation for the first time at the beginning of term, means that Greenvale can continue to provide an exceptional environment for its young people.  At the meeting we discussed the fitting out of the new Sensory Room - just one example of the opportunities we have to create superb facilities based on the experience and knowledge of Greenvale’s amazing staff.


As you can imagine, the move required considerable organisational skills, coinciding as it did with some of the hottest days of the Summer !  Additionally, staff were on call throughout the Summer break to iron out any problems, and I would like to place on record my thanks to them for their dedication.


The new site has resulted in some changes.  First and foremost, with rising class numbers and no less than 34 new Year 7 students some of the pressure has been taken off the Waters Rd site with the result that benefits have flowed across the entire school.  Our Headteacher Lynne Haines will operate between the two sites, supported by two Deputy Heads, Aaron Collins at Mayow Rd and Ashleigh Cannon at Waters Rd.


At the governors’ meeting we discussed the school improvement plan and how it can best contribute to the continued success of the school.  The core of these plans is the quality of teaching and learning, particularly in  English and Maths.  But there are many sides to every school and other hugely important priorities include student and staff wellbeing, strengthening parental engagement and creating work experience opportunities for students in preparation for adulthood.


I and all the governors look forward to the opportunities the new school year presents and achieving even more success with our wonderful Greenvale staff.

 Governance at Greenvale School and the role of the Governors


While the primary role of the Headteacher is responsibility for day to day management and leadership, it is the role of governors to act strategically, ensuring that the school’s objectives are met.

The powers and responsibilities of governors are:-

  •          To agree, monitor and review the school’s aims, policies, plans and procedures
  •          to develop and implement the School Improvement Plan and to ensure the requirements of the             National Curriculum are met
  •          to oversee financial management as well as personnel and premises issues

At Greenvale we have a very committed governing body.  Its membership consists of four parents elected by the school, the Headteacher and a staff member, one member appointed by the local authority and seven members drawn from the local community.  It also has two advisers who are staff members.


All governors are committed to the success of the school and to supporting staff. 

The governors meet regularly each term.  The main decisions are taken by the Full Governing Body which is supported by a Finance and Resources Committee and an Education and Student Services Committee.  Meetings are not just a means of arriving at decisions, they are also vital for governors in building up an understanding of the school and its ambitions and for sharing expertise and information.


Governors also regularly visit the school to see it in action and how its vision is being put into everyday practice.

Governors work closely with the school at all times, providing support and promoting the interests of the school and its pupils.  They provide accountability to parents and pupils, to the community and to outside agencies.

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