Our Governing Body

A Message from our Chair of Governors 

From the Governors at Greenvale School, I extend a warm welcome to pupils, parents, carers, and staff. 

Greenvale is an amazing school with wonderful staff and pupils.  We are lucky to have a brilliant campus in Lewisham, and the outcomes for the young people who attend are outstanding.  This is in no small part down to the incredible team of teachers, assistants, learning mentors, lunch-time assistants and more – and we are hugely appreciative of the work they do.

Governors play an important role for schools, ensuring that key decisions and financial management is checked and challenged to ensure the best outcomes for pupils.     The governors come from a range of backgrounds. Some are parents of current, or former, pupils; some are associated with the school because of work; and some such as me do this work because we have a strong connection with Lewisham and enjoy putting something into our local community.

I really encourage anyone reading this to attend and observe one of our meetings to see if being a governor is right for you - we are a friendly and welcoming group, and all of us were new to governing once!  If you ever want to speak to me, please just let the school office know and they will put us in contact.

Many thanks,

Thom Webb

 Governance at Greenvale School and the role of the Governors


While the primary role of the Headteacher is responsibility for day to day management and leadership, it is the role of governors to act strategically, ensuring that the school’s objectives are met.

The powers and responsibilities of governors are:-

  •          To agree, monitor and review the school’s aims, policies, plans and procedures
  •          to develop and implement the School Improvement Plan and to ensure the requirements of the             National Curriculum are met
  •          to oversee financial management as well as personnel and premises issues

At Greenvale we have a very committed governing body.  Its membership consists of four parents elected by the school, the Headteacher and a staff member, one member appointed by the local authority and seven members drawn from the local community.  It also has two advisers who are staff members.


All governors are committed to the success of the school and to supporting staff. 

The governors meet regularly each term.  The main decisions are taken by the Full Governing Body which is supported by a Finance and Resources Committee and an Education and Student Services Committee.  Meetings are not just a means of arriving at decisions, they are also vital for governors in building up an understanding of the school and its ambitions and for sharing expertise and information.


Governors also regularly visit the school to see it in action and how its vision is being put into everyday practice.

Governors work closely with the school at all times, providing support and promoting the interests of the school and its pupils.  They provide accountability to parents and pupils, to the community and to outside agencies.

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