Positive Behaviour Management

Positive whole-school approach to behaviour

Greenvale School is committed to promoting high standards of behaviour and providing a safe environment for all our students. Greenvale school has a whole school positive approach to behaviour management. This approach has a clear focus on positive strategies:

  • Prevention and de-escalation.
  • Understanding the cause of behaviour.
  • Equip our students with self-control and regulation strategies for managing their own behaviour
  • Positive support and interventions.
  • Skill development.

Positive Behaviour Policy:

Greenvale has now a Positive Behaviour Policy to ensure that the school community works together to promote positive behaviour through consistent practices. The Policy is published on the school website.

Positive Interventions and level of support:

The Pyramid Model promotes the social, emotional and behavioural development of our young people. Some examples of practices and tools are:  Ethos and culture of the school, balanced and broad curriculum, Positive Behaviour Policy, Positive Behaviour Support Plans, support from learning mentors, school rules, positive relationships, self-control and regulation strategies, common positive language, talking mats,  structures and routines, additional support from professionals, individual timetables, sensory profiles. Total communication approach etc.

Best Practice:

Greenvale promotes measures and practice that will lead to the reduction of restrictive practices and the increase in the use of a range of positive handling risk reduction strategies which are non-physical. Greenvale is a member of the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN). Being a member of the RRN shows our commitment to reducing reliance on restrictive practices.