NHS Special School Eye Care Service

NHS Special School Eye Care Service
At Greenvale School we are really excited that we will be working with SeeAbility. This fantastic opportunity will have a huge positive impact on our young people. 
SeeAbility will work with your young people in school to support their vision needs from eye testing, the dispensing of glasses to the support your young person might need to adapt to wearing glasses and engaging with them. 
This service will be open to EVERY YOUNG PERSON at Greenvale School. The aim is to support those with visual needs and also find out if any of our cohort have undiagnosed visual needs.
At Greenvale School we strive to remove barriers wherever we can so that our young people can achieve their very best and be as independent as possible now, and in the future.
The special Schools Eye Service will provide students with two pairs of glasses so they will always have a spare set. replacement glasses can be ordered through the school.
If you would like more information, watch the video below and also click on the SeeAbility logo. You can also contact us here at school. 
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