A team of community Physiotherapists visit the school during the week to support the physical management of young people known to the Physiotherapy service.  They support the young person in school by enabling them to participate in school activities, PE and sometimes hydrotherapy sessions, working on defined individual targets. They work closely with the members of school staff, and help to educate and advise on specific physical activities most beneficial for the young person.

The class teacher for each class will know who the named physiotherapist is for children receiving Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy staff are generally in school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings but this can change at times if they are needed on Mondays or Fridays to support specific training and handovers for the young people.

The physiotherapy staff have named students who they work most closely with but also work as a team and are able to work with other students and advise accordingly. They contact families to discuss concerns and sometimes need to carry out home visits and attend external appointments with the young person as part of their overall management. Physiotherapy assessments may sometimes be carried out in alternative locations when appropriate.

The physiotherapist is able to advise on the student’s physical strengths and needs to ensure their EHCP reflects their abilities and goals.

Physiotherapy referrals are accepted from health care professionals and relate to physical difficulties affecting the function of the young person.

Contact details 

The Physiotherapy team can be contacted via the generic email address: and on 0207 138 1452.

Parents and Physiotherapists also communicate by using students home/school contact book.