Greenvale School Parent View Log


Having looked into how we seek the views of parents on various issues, the now previous regime was one that was too infrequent, too inflexible and onerous in terms of want was expected of parents.

We have streamlined the process and it has shown us to be able to be more proactive in relation to issues. We are now able to quickly gain parent's views and feed back to parents in the form of the document below. this will be regularly updated.

Parents are now selected at random to answer questions. However, parents may be categorised beforehand. For instance, if the question is about ASD provision, we will randomly ask parents of young people with ASD.

The way in which the questions are asked has been done in a way that reduces the impact on parents. They are contacted by telephone and their answers are recorded for them.


Please revisit this page in the coming months for regular updates. In the meantime, please see our most recent survey results.