Greenvale School Parent View Log


Having looked into how we seek the views of parents on various issues, the now previous regime was one that was too infrequent, too inflexible and onerous in terms of want was expected of parents.

We have streamlined the process and it has shown us to be able to be more proactive in relation to issues. We are now able to quickly gain parent's views and feed back to parents in the form of the document below. this will be regularly updated.

Parents are now selected at random to answer questions. However, parents may be categorised beforehand. For instance, if the question is about ASD provision, we will randomly ask parents of young people with ASD.

The way in which the questions are asked has been done in a way that reduces the impact on parents. They are contacted by telephone and their answers are recorded for them.





You Said

We Did



How do you feel about the quality of two-way home– school communication; the general information you receive from the school; the welcome you receive when visiting or telephoning the school.




100% of people asked gave an answer of excellent.

We will continue to monitor the quality of communication and periodically revisit by our internal processes and also ask parents on a regular basis what they think. We will also use situations arising in the future for learning.

Parents feel they have an excellent quality of communication between themselves and the school. Therefore, our students (their children) are benefiting from this.


How do you feel two-way home–school communication systems meet your individual needs i.e one-to-one discussion, individual letter writing, telephoning, emailing, texting.




100% of people asked gave an answer of excellent.

We will continue to monitor the suitability of communication and that it meets individual needs of parent’s. We will periodically revisit by our internal processes and also ask parents on a regular basis what their thoughts are   We will also use situations arising in the future for learning.

Parents feel that their individual needs are met on the main… however where improvements are suggested, we will look into that. We will periodically seek insight into this as to maintain satisfaction.


How do you feel your needs are met in relation to English not being your first language?

50% or parents said excellent and 50% said good. However, we are seeking more respondents for a wider insight into this particular question before interoperating.


More data added 14/6/19


57% said excellent

43% said Good


We have a talented and diverse staff population and we have utilised them so that the vast majority of language needs can be met in house and be managed by familiar faces that understand the context of our students. Where there are gaps we fill them by using translation services or allow parents to nominate a family member or friend to communicate through.




This is something that is changeable with our school population. At present we feel (as do our parents) that their needs are met. We will continue to monitor this.


Is there any more you would like to add in relation to improving communication.

“English not first language, but is well understood, Communication good, would like text reminders of Inset days etc”

“Reminder texting e.g holidays”

We will look into sending out text about inset days and school holidays as a matter of course.

Parents will have another form of communication to help them with notifications to prompt them to plan for school holidays and inset inset days.





How did you find the run up to your young person joining GV school.

28.6% said good

71.4% said excellent

We have a robust and individually tailored induction process for your young people and their families. We do not have a one size fits all approach as our young people have different needs and their parents have different requirements and wishes.

We will continue to be flexible in relation to how induction processes for our young people and their families are provided. We will react accordingly to have consistently and collaborative approach. We have looked at our provision around staffing and have a member of permanent staff who’s role it is (for part of their week) to visit get to know and gain information on all of your new students coming up from KS2





Is there anything else you would like to add - could we have done anything to have made the process better.

“No, she has everything she needs”

“Not really, it’s to do with the needs of the student e.g. speech”



Over the past year we have been working on further improving how we communicate with MDT and as a result it is even better than ever.

Ultimately, better provision for our young people as a result of even better communication procedures.


How did you find the Last Coffee morning/Workshop you attended?











37% Good

63% Excellent

We will continue to provide workshops/ coffee mornings and increase the numbers of parents that attend. We will also continue to monitor level and type of need in order to keep themes and activities relevant

Parents feel more connected to the school and have a better understanding of the space their young person spends a significant amount of time in. They also have the opportunity t talk with and meet other parents and develop support structures. We have seen this first hand on a number of occasions





Are you happy with the levels of support and guidance you receive from school and what could we do to make it better?

50% good 50% excellent.

More things with other parents

Free language course (makaton)

We want to get more involved


This year, we aimed to hold an event at least every half term. Next academic year (2019-20) we will be holding communication workshops for parents.

We will also increase the number of occasions where parents have the opportunity to socialise.

Will have access to workshops where they can refresh their knowledge or learn new things in relation to their child’s provision. This will have various positive impacts but ultimately will allow the parents to feel more knowledgeable and confident.


How did you, or are you finding the transition process into KS3/from KS5 into FE


67% Excellent

33% Good

“Everything has been good. To make it better perhaps a sheet to be handed out at the beginning of the process with key people and their contact details” (post 16 parent)


“The school was excellent but the overall experience was only good because of FE provision.” (post 16 parent)


“I was Ill at the time and was unable to engage as much as I would have liked; but the process was seamless and this was perfect for me.” (Year 7 Parent)


“The class teacher was extremely helpful and made me aware of an FE provider that was not on our radar. The FEP had entry requirements that our young person didn’t meet at the time. The school made sure he reached the levels of attainment needed to get on the course in time for him to be accepted.” (post 16 parent)


“Because of the way the transition was managed, my Son settled in well and enjoys coming to school”

(Year 7 Parent)



“The process was easy and I felt I had all the information I needed at each step.” (Year 7 Parent)






We constantly look for ways to make sure the transition process is one that is as easy for our young people to move to, from and within our school.

Over the last year, we have assigned a member of staff whose role is to manage and aid the transition of students. They visit and build relationships with new students, gathering information and create student profiles in order that we meet their needs from day one.


A lot of work is also put into place in relation to aiding the smooth transition from KS5 into FE provisions.

The most important thing is that each student’s transition is managed in line with the needs of them and their families. There are no one size fits all approach.

One of the parents fed back that the FE colleges were the reason their experience as only good. We are in close contact with the FE providers. We feedback and work with them to inform them of issues.

Another parent suggested that a sheet with contact details of key people around transition might be handed out. This is something we will look into providing next year.

Every student has the best transition experience to or from the school as possible. Measures are put into place from prior learning and we continue to develop our practice.


All people working with students have the appropriate information in order to meet the needs of individual students.


Students are happy


Continue to foster a flexible approach which ensures that we are able to adapt to issues as they arise and prevent them from becoming problems.