Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy provides assessment, intervention, support and care for young people at Greenvale school who have difficulties with skills needed for engaging in purposeful activities as part of their school day including self-care, leisure and learning.  The aim is to support children in being able to transfer these newly learnt skills into the home environment also.  Specific areas for referral are as follows: 

- Self-care (toileting programme, specialist equipment, eating/drinking, sensory needs, motor needs, dressing)

- Leisure (sensory play, sensory play, sensory motor activities/ advice)

- School tasks (handwriting/ pre-writing, tool use, seating, upper limb management, readiness for learning)

Occupational therapists work with young people, parents/carers, teachers and teaching assistants, and other health professionals such as Speech and Language therapists, nurses, physiotherapists and paediatricians. Occupational therapy aims to maximise a child’s ability to participate as fully as possible in school and home life, alongside their peers, to develop skills in preparation for adult life.

Occupational Therapy are generally in school on Tuesdays but this can change if required. Therapists work collaboratively with teaching staff and offer assessment and advice to students.

In addition, the Occupational Therapists provide training for school staff as well as opportunities to link with parents in order to help understand and best meet the needs of the students together as part of a universal service. 

The occupational therapy service in Greenvale school provides several models of working including ‘working with and through others’ allowing ‘little and often’ input to all children to meet their needs at a targeted and specialist level. The service provides an ‘episode of care model’ which allows young people to have episodes of consolidation after episodes of direct contact, with each episode addressing a specific skill at any one time. Following which, therapists are then able support enhancement of newly developed skill levels with a new episode of care depending on their readiness and developmental progress.

Occupational Therapy are able to advise on the student’s Occupational Therapy strengths and needs as part of an Education, Health and Care Needs assessment if requested by the SEN department.

Occupational Therapy can be contacted via the following email address: LH.ChildrensOT@nhs.net and by phone on 0203 049 1337

The allocated therapist for Greenvale School is Rebecca Adams.

​Occupational Therapy referrals are accepted from health care professionals and school staff and relate to difficulties with independence with activities of daily living if it is not related to their learning need. Please refer a student to our service using the above email address and online referral form

There is also a Drop In Clinic available. Please contact the department on the above contact details for the dates of these.