Sensory Teachers Team

The Sensory Teachers Team, part of the Specialist Teachers & Educational Psychology Service (STEPS), offers support and specialist teaching to children with a sensory impairment (Visual Impairment and/or Hearing Impairment) and aims to ensure that young people with a sensory loss gain access to their educational environment and make progress in order to raise aspiration and maximise development. 

The team provides support to Greenvale students and staff through weekly visits from a Teacher of the Deaf and a Teacher for CYP with Vision impairment. The Team manager provides support for children and young people with a Multisensory Impairment (i.e. children and young people with both HI and VI).  The Sensory Teachers aim to support students through assessment of their sensory needs as well as information and training for classroom staff. They will also contribute to annual reviews of EHCPs. 

If a student has a diagnosis of sensory impairment the school can refer to the service through completion of the STEPS Request for Input form available on the SLA online site.  We also accept referrals from other professionals and parents who can contact