Staff CPD links

Working from Home


Initially please read the following school policies


They are all on the school website at the following link


They are also on the school network if you are able to log on from a device at home.


S:\School Policies and handbook\Policy documents GREENVALE


Behaviour policy

Code of Conduct

Data protection

Educational Visits

E safety

Equality act statement

Fire Evacuation

Health and Safety

Information Security

IT Acceptable use

Privacy notice



Staff anti bullying

Stress management



Once you have read the policies please focus on some of the online training courses


Then complete the following courses:


Complex needs

The training materials cover the following areas of special educational needs (SEN) and special educational needs and disabilities (SEND):

  • Severe learning difficulties (SLD)
  • Profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD)
  • Complex learning difficulties and disabilities (CLDD)

They are presented in 16 modules within four subject groups and look into topics such as communication and interaction, the context of specialist teaching, insights from neuroscience, working with families, and the legislation around SEND.

Future learn

You will need to register with an email address and password

Choose a course of interest to complete. Courses include:

  •          Understanding Autism
  •          Education for All: Disability, Diversity and Inclusion
  •          Good Practice in Autism Education
  •          Good Practice in Autism Education
  •          Creating an Inclusive Classroom: Approaches to Supporting Learners with SEND in Computing
  •          Psychology and Mental Health: Beyond Nature and Nurture



You will need to register with an email address and password

Modules include:

  •         What is bullying? 
  •         Bullying and the Law 
  •         Bullying and SEN/disability 
  •         10 principles to reduce bullying
  •         Preventing bullying
  •         Responding to bullying
  •         Cyberbullying (Online bullying)