Parents and Families

Everything we do at Greenvale is the result of an on-going partnership with our parents and families. We value and actively encourage your involvement with your son / daughter’s education.

Class teachers actively encourage positive links between home and school and communicate regularly with parents and families. Key stage coordinators can also be contacted if parents require additional information.

Home school notebooks are used to provide a regular contact between families and teachers. These take the form of a diary which the student carries to and from school. Parents are encouraged to make use of the diary to keep in contact with their child's class teacher.

We also communicate via emails and text message. We use text messages to disseminate any urgent information or to give reminders. Please ensure we have your most recent number.

The school has a Home/School Agreement. It sets out what the school will do and what is expected of families. A copy of the agreement is kept by parents / carers and also at the school.

A formal review on the progress of each student takes place once every year. This is the Annual Review and is often attended by other professionals in addition to education. Parents and students (where appropriate) are invited to take part in the review, and every effort is made to arrange the review at a time which is convenient for parents. Although this annual review is a statutory requirement, we believe that it is also an extremely important part of our contact with parents and contributes to our planning by agreeing main target areas for the next year for each student.

Parents are also encouraged to visit on an informal and formal basis, to discuss their child's progress, problems or matters of interest. There are parents evenings in both the Autumn and Summer terms.

Parents are always welcome in the school but it is advisable to let us know in advance of visits so that we can ensure an appropriate member of staff is available.