Parent Resources

Below, you will find resources that may help in terms of communication, behaviour and emotional regulation. Check the page regularly as we will update it. Due to copy right, we cannot keep them all on our website as there is a limit.
If you have any suggestions or requests contact us at school and we will see what we can do.
Click the document and you can download it and save it on a device such as a mobile phone or tablet.  


 Tasks for Independence

The current set of resources are designed to aid independence around the home. You can use them to create a structure around performing a task. There is also a resource for emotions. This can be used to allow your young person to communicate how they feel. It can also be used for you to communicate your emotions with them. If you would like to use it to help your young person recognise emotions, you can do this too. When they are exhibiting a particular emotion use the card to point it out and use the word below the symbol e.g. “Sarah is feeling happy