Our Governing Body

14 Governor places :-
Headteacher  1  
Staff  1  
Appointed by the London Borough of Lewisham  1  
Elected parents of pupils attending the school  4  
Co-opted  7  
Associates  2  
At Greenvale we have a large active Governing body. The number of Governors is determined by the number of pupils attending the School and includes the Head teacher. There are elections held for all governors with the exception of Community and Local Authority governors.

The composition is as follows:
  • The Headteacher
  • One Governor elected by the teaching staff
  • One Governor elected by the support staff
  • Up to three Governors co-opted by the elected and appointed Governors
  • Five Governors elected by parents of current or ex pupils from Greenvale
The function of the Governing Body is to take a largely strategic role in overseeing the development of the school; the Headteacher is in charge of the day to day management and leadership of the school.

Their powers and responsibilities are as follows;
  • Governors have responsibility for agreeing, monitoring and reviewing the aims and objectives, policies, plans and procedures of the school.
  • Governor’s responsibilities include the development and implementation of the School Improvement plan and ensuring the requirements of the National Curriculum are met.
  • They are responsible for the financial management of the school budget, personnel and premises issues.
Governors are committed to working in partnership with the school staff, the Local Authority and other agencies.

To facilitate efficient management the governing body consists of two committees. These are the Finance and Resources and Student Services. All decisions made by these committees must be ratified by the main governing body.

Governors make visits to the school to ensure that the decisions they make are implemented and that any new government initiatives are in place. Elections for parent governors take place every three years. The Governors can be contacted through the school via the school office.
Thom Webb is our Chair of Governors.