Maths Scheme of Work Overview


At Greenvale School Mathematics lessons for pupils focus on and build upon fundamentals, there is a great deal of mathematics to be learned before counting can be effectively learned and learning about counting itself involves the co-ordination of many skills. Beyond counting our students need broad practical and learning experiences, to develop their appreciation of estimation, calculation, shape space, measure and data handling.

Mathematics lessons and Maths encountered across the curriculum offer pupils opportunities to:
  • Build on their awareness of events and actions and recognise changes in pattern, quantity and space that occur in their lives, both the immediate environment and in the wider world.
  • Use their developing awareness to anticipate and predict changes.
  • Use their awareness and developing understanding of pattern, space, shape and number, to develop problem-solving skills that contribute to making choices, taking decisions and gaining control over their immediate environment.
  • Extend mathematical skills, experiences and understanding which enable them to visualise, compare and estimate. For a few special pupils this may be achieved in abstract as well as concrete contexts.
  • Begin to think about the strategies they use and explain them to others.
Develop a powerful set of thinking tools to help them increase their knowledge and understanding of the world and, during the school years, to learn effectively in different subjects across the curriculum.

Curriculum Content and Objectives

Mathematics at Greenvale School covers the whole P Level Scale and the lower National Curriculum levels:

At Level P1 there is an emphasis on experience and emerging awareness of:
  • Noise, touch, vision, smell, vocalisation, communication and movement. 

At Level P2 there is a focus on developing students’ skills with regard to:
  • Reacting, responding, engaging and cooperating in a variety of situations using the senses identified at Level P1.

At Level P3 there is a focus on developing students’ skills with regard to:
  • Communicating intentionally, participating with less support, sustaining concentration, exploring materials, remembering learned responses and responding to options and choices

At Levels P4-8 there is a focus on developing students’ skills in:
  • The Number System, Calculations, Measures, Shape and Space whilst seeking to Use and Apply those skills in a wide range of contexts.

At National Curriculum Level 1 and Level 2 students will work on developing further their skills in Number, Shape and Measures and Data Handling with a continuing emphasis on Using and Applying those skills.

Methodology and Pedagogy / Delivery Method

The schools’ cross curricular method insures that Maths is also thought across the curriculum in all subjects. Computing is an essential part of teaching and learning Mathematics. Our students have the opportunity to use a wide range and form of communication aids to support their learning in Mathematics lessons; Makaton sign language, BigMack switch, IPad, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), photographs and eye gaze. In the classroom we seek to create a supportive learning environment. We make great use of a variety of age related software, websites, games and real-life materials to engage students and help them learn in the way that best suits their needs with an emphasis on the key skills of Problem Solving.

  • recognising opportunities
  • recognising and identifying problems

  • breaking down a problem into elements
  • thinking through the relevant features of a problem
  • planning ways to solve a problem

  • remembering how to solve a problem

  • evaluating how a plan worked
  • recognising when existing plans and strategies need changes

Recording and Assessment

At Greenvale School all of our students work on yearly targets in Mathematics. These targets are divided into three smaller targets and those create their Individual Education Plan targets throughout the school year. These targets are very specific to our students needs and appropriate to the levels they are working within. These documents are used as their assessment and filled in termly by class teachers as students make progress. We also record our students’ progress on ‘Connecting Steps’ which is termly and individually updated for all of our students.

Students have individual folders to keep their evidence of progress; photographs, drawing, images, worksheets and written work.

Students use their individual Maths workbook and teachers will give feedback on their work following the school’s marking policy.

Parent/Carer Involvement

At Greenvale School parents / carers have the opportunity to attend pupils ‘Annual Review’ once a year and ‘Parents Evening’ at the beginning and at the end of the school year to discuss pupils’ achievements in Mathematics. Individual Educational Plans are sent home termly and students attending the schools’ ‘Homework Club’ will take home their work in Maths on a weekly basis.