Impact report 2021

Impact Report 2020/2021


A recovery Curriculum has been in place for 2020-2021, and as such recording has been adapted to reflect this, and a new platform for the year was created on SOLAR.


Whole school RC activity – A participated in a lesson about thinking what he was thankful for.  A wrote what he was thankful for and then walked to the hall and hung his card on the tree. A was able to make thoughtful reflections on the lockdown period. 

English – B has worked to demonstrate a preference for additional activities to the typical activities that he engages in.  This particular day B really enjoyed engaging with the chimes.  He hit the chimes a number of times and noticed the result that it produced.

Online learning - C enjoyed a tacpac session. She was very relaxed but appeared to be looking down her body and responding to the different stimuli.

Home learning – D completed home learning packs independently at home. He was able to complete English tasks, such as writing sentences by following a colourful semantic system, linking words to the correspondent symbol, maths tasks and RE.

RC activityE designed a red nose biscuit to raise money for red nose day. E was able to follow simple making instructions to decorate his biscuit and made choices throughout the making/design process.

Maths – During class numeracy sessions F has been completing an independent Maths pack working on matching pairs of items, matching numbers and sorting items by colour and shape. To begin with he needed a lot of adult support but gradually over the sessions he has proudly told staff 'You can leave me to do this on my own!' and completed tasks independently and been pleased to call a staff member to see how well he has done. Superb work F!

In the Autumn Term 2020, teachers re-baselined students and reviewed their progress with their class teams, to identify any students causing concern (due to COVID-19) in the following areas (linked to their EHCPs):

  •          English
  •          Maths
  •          Communication
  •          Sensory and/or Physical
  •          Social, Emotional and Mental Health (including behaviour)
  •          Independence and Self Care/Skills Preparation for Adulthood
  •          Any other concerns

As a result, catch-up funding was used during targeted intervention during Spring and Summer Term, with termly reviews, as well as continuing the Recovering Curriculum. All students are now back on the main SOLAR recording platform using GV Levels and/or P Levels in all subjects, with only one student still causing concern.

Review Maths and English May 2021

KS4 - 2 students requiring another half term of input then review

KS3 - 5 students in some areas will continue (2 were extensively shielding for almost a year)

KS5 and Glade – additional input to support but following AQA routes

Review September 2021

Only one student remains a cause for concern in several areas. He is having iBase this term, and additional SaLT input, and dog workshops for communication.

COVID catch-up funding

Whole child therapy (WCT) – an Occupational Therapist worked with each class throughout the Summer Term. They went in, observed the class and created recommendations for supporting the sensory needs of our student. The OT then met with class teams to feedback. As a result, staff have been upskilled and are more knowledgeable in helping students to regulate, which in turn has had an impact on their progress. WCT will continue and expand in September 2021.

Music therapy – sessions continued to support students with rebuilding relationships and communication through individual and group work

Enrichment – additional equipment purchased to support remote enrichment activities e.g. new project, class cameras, as well as whole school events e.g. Magic Show, and pantomime.

Music week – funding used for live workshops and concerts from a wide range of genres including jazz, opera, Indian, as well as performances from our music groups.

Building therapy (SEMH) – small group intervention in Summer Term 2021, focussing on communication and wellbeing. Progress recorded on SOLAR

Physiotherapy – Physio team RAG rated all students with PD. Additional equipment was bought for use in class and per key stage e.g. benches and slide sheets. Some students participated in extra weekly physio where needed.


The iBase was suspended for 2020/21, and has resumed September 2021.

The LSB was suspended in Autumn and Spring Term, and ran a reduced timetable in Summer Term 2021 to support catch up for students on the Grove pathway.


Key Stage 4 - All students in Year 11 achieved ASDAN Transition Challenge.

Key Stage 5 - All students achieved AQA unit awards in Maths, English, and 2 options. This year, we have moved to Pearson’s exam board, as OCR have discontinued their Entry Level Functional Skills Qualifications.  In Y14 there are no students working within Entry Level English and Maths, however 1 student in Y14 completed ASDAN PSD Entry Level 1. 2 students have started bronze D of E, and will continue next year.


Of the 11 Y14 leavers, 14 students moved onto further education:

2 students - Lewisham College

6 students – Orchard Hill

1 student - Bromley College

2 students – Nash College

SIP 2020/21

SDQ (Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire) has been used to support students accessing SEMH intervention. Staff meetings was held in the Summer Term 2021, and an overview included for all staff September 2021.

Enrichment now has its own platform on SOLAR, where impact is captured.

Greenvale Levels have been created in Science and PSHE

SIP Outcomes 2021/22

To write Greenvale Levels for DT and RE

All staff consistently provided oral or written feedback linked to the learning objective for the students.

Leaders checked the impact of support for individuals was sustained over time, resulting in embedded learning.

Further develop the role of subject leaders across the school.