Home learning for individuals SI

For any student self-isolating at home for 2 weeks, they can follow the whole school online remote learning timetable (see Home Learning Spring Term 2021). In addition, we have home learning packs which include the following:


Grove – daily timetable repeated 

Glade - week 1 then repeated for week 2

Forest - week 1 then repeated for week 2

Woodland- week 1 then lessons repeated for week 2 repeated with extension activities


Daily activities

Mindfulness – helps develop students’ emotional regulation and wellbeing. 
Reading – reading activities allow students opportunities to develop literacy skills and enjoyment of reading

PE – enables students to be active and keep fit and healthy

Movement break – enables the student to be active, increasing blood flow and regulating the blood pressure in the body, including the brain. This increased blood flow helps to activate the systems of the brain related to attention, planning, memory, and processing of information. This leads to better learning.


Physios and OTs have completed handovers of programs to home.

SaLT guidance sent home

Music therapy available online

Personalised learning

For students not attending school, a joint risk assessment with parents/carers and school will be conducted. Professionals (MDT) will be asked for their input as well. The RA will be shared with the Local Authority.

 A blended learning approach will be created, and reviewed every half term. Activities can include:

  •         Regular welfare calls
  •         Online zooms e.g. small group, 1:1 and linked to class
  •         Homework packs
  •         Hydrotherapy and physiotherapy in school
  •         MDT input in the home

For those students having to self-isolate for a brief period of time (e.g. awaiting a test result) they will be sent some home learning via email/we transfer, differentiated per pathway, and can also join in the online live learning sessions.