Greenvale approach to behaviour (Supporting and understanding behaviour)


Greenvale School promotes positive behaviour and student wellbeing through respect for all school members and effective education. The Greenvale School approach to behaviour intervention has a clear focus on understanding the causes of behaviour and preventing difficulties from arising rather than simply reacting to or coping with behaviours which have already occurred. The school promotes measures and practice that will lead to the reduction of restrictive practices and the increase in the use of a range of positive handling risk reduction strategies which are non-physical. We advocate the use of best practice in setting up an appropriate environment and providing a motivating and engaging curriculum both of which play a major role in preventing behavioural issues from arising and meeting the needs of our young people. We focus on rewarding good behaviour with clarity, consistency and fairness.

Our approach to behaviour therefore begins by establishing good foundations which include a knowledge and understanding of the student, working with their distinct learning styles and preferences, ensuring effective communication, which includes advice from the MDT and best practice research.

We aim to appreciate the difficulties experienced by our young people which relates to their disability. We recognise that all behaviour is in itself a form of communication. Many of our young people have a lack of understanding of social rules due to their learning difficulty and hence require a clear and a consistent positive approach. At Greenvale School we aim to equip our students with self-control and regulation strategies for managing their own behaviour, particularly through modelling appropriate behaviour. We aim to avoid young people becoming stressed or overly anxious and therefore prevent the need for physical interventions wherever possible using an effective curriculum and behaviour strategies.

Greenvale School has a central role in its students’ social, personal and moral development just as it does in their academic development. As such, we measure standards of behaviour in terms of student's developing ability to achieve appropriate social and behavioural goals. We develop personalised and detailed Positive Behaviour Plans which include defined strategies to support our young people. We work in partnership with parents and carers to develop a shared and positive approach to behaviour management.